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“My husband and I used this firm, Haney Paschal & Romoser, P.C., to do our wills and other things and I also had them with me to probate my husband’s will after he passed! They are very caring and made things easy for me!  I would recommend them to everyone!!”

Deena Wilson Morgan

“I would highly recommend Jacob Paschal as an attorney. I have had Jacob handle both an auto accident and review some business documents. He pays great attention to detail and is an informed and knowledgeable attorney. His follow up with me on the status of my case and keeping me informed throughout the process was excellent. I feel that he has my best interests at heart while maintaining a professional and ethical approach to his practice. I will continue to use Jacob Paschal as my attorney in the future.”


“Very friendly and shows interest to help you.”

Carol A.

“If you ever need legal help and or advice, Haney Paschal & Romoser, P.C. is a wonderful firm to help and assist you. Jacob Paschal helped me in one of the most difficult times in my life. His compassion and expertise made my life-changing event bearable. The office staff is warm and welcoming. I will be ever grateful for all of the love, support and help that I received. I pray for nothing but success and blessing for this company.”

Brooke B.

“We had the best experience when working with this firm. Great attorneys and employees who provide top-notch service and truly care about their clients. Would recommend to anyone.”

Kelsey H.

“Jacob Paschal was my lawyer in an auto accident. When I tell you this man went out of his way for me. He always made sure I was okay with any decisions about my case and never forced me to go any certain way. I would recommend this law office any time. If you are ever in need of a lawyer they are the way to go.”

Felicia B.

“Jacob Paschal is an excellent personal injury attorney and wrongful death lawyer. I have had the privilege of representing personal injury clients alongside him. Jacob is the only injury lawyer that I refer cases to in Texas. I highly recommend him.”

Greg C.

“If you ever need a great lawyer don’t hesitate to call this law firm. The best in the business and very reasonable..”

Jason O.

“Haney Paschal & Romoser Law Firm has provided legal advice and guidance for our family, with great success. I found the firm to be experienced, responsive, and knowledgeable. While working with Mr. Paschal, I felt as though our situation was in adept and trustworthy hands, and he did not steer us wrong. He was very patient with our case, thoroughly explaining the paperwork and making sure that we understood the process along the way. I would highly recommend the law firm of Haney Paschal & Romoser to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest at the forefront. Should the situation arise, I would not hesitate to seek representation from Mr. Paschal in the future.”

Sara P.

“This was a great firm to work with. Jacob Paschal represented me through a difficult divorce and got me through it. Highly recommended.”

Donna P.

“Haney Paschal & Romoser Firm has handled two entirely different cases for me. I found with both cases that they were fully committed to the process. In short, they were perfect gentleman handling the sensitive nature of the case with my children and myself. However in the courtroom turned to sharks. I’m confident in their abilities to handle yours the same.”

Mark H.

“Great service and great help on your side when you need them.”

Doug P.

“Back in June of 2012, while on Active Duty for the Navy, I was involved in a car accident that I just barely walked away from. I was T-boned by a truck going through a red light intersection at 55+ mph. All passenger side airbags in my Camry had deployed and the force was so powerful that it bent the rear axle of the driver’s side underneath the vehicle. I had severe whiplash and would later come to realize that the accident herniated my C5 and C6 discs in my neck. The driver of the other vehicle was not injured and her truck ( the truck she had borrowed from her dad) suffered minor damages.

After the accident, I contacted the police. The police did an investigation and could not determine who was at fault. There were witnesses, but nobody offered to help or stop. So it became a “he said, she said” scenario. I knew at that moment that I needed professional counsel to protect my interests and the interests of my family.

Not sure who to call, I called a dear friend and mentor and she recommended that I call Paul Paschal, an attorney that she held in high regards.

I was sort of hesitant to call Mr. Paschal, I was hesitant to call any attorney for fear of competency and how adequately they would represent my family’s needs. After praying about the situation, I had an overwhelming peace and decided to move forward and call Mr. Paschal.

When I spoke with him, my fears, frustration, and concerns immediately seceded! Right away, he answered the phone and gave his full attention. He took the time to listen intently to my story. After I reviewed it with him, he expressed genuine concern for my family and my health. He went to explain that he was a family man as well with children the same age as mine. We also discovered through communication that our spiritual beliefs in God and the church were aligned. This discovery was significant because it laid the foundation of trust.

Mr. Paschal, took my case without hesitation. When he calls me to update me on the status of things, he always first asks about my family, my health, and my recovery. When there are new discoveries, he makes sure I know about them immediately. The level of communication that Mr. Paschal professionally exhibits, never leaves me looking for answers or understanding. I wish everyone I dealt with operated at this caliber.

In closing, I wanted to take this time to truly reflect and praise Mr. Paschal for his professional knowledge and dedication he has shown to me and my family. We are grateful that God has put you and your family in our lives! We extend our greatest gratitude and humbly appreciate you.”

J. E. S.