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How to Safely Drive Near Delivery Trucks

If you’ve ever broken into a cold sweat or noticed that your heart is beating a mile per minute when you have to share the road with a commercial delivery truck, it’s understandable. After all, some of those vehicles are considerably larger, not to mention heavier, than the cars, light trucks, and SUVs they share... read more
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What Damages Can You Recover After a Car Accident?

After a serious car accident, many people wonder what they are allowed to seek compensation for under Texas law. The state has specific provisions for what types of damages qualify for financial compensation. Also, there are rules about how to collect that compensation. It is helpful to understand what damages are, the different types and... read more
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Does Your Driving Record Affect Your Injury Claim?  

If you’ve been injured in an accident, insurance claims and personal injury claims can be excellent ways to get compensation. However, these sorts of claims are often complex, and it’s normal for the liable party to try to access the victim’s driving record. Are they allowed to use your driving record against you in court... read more
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Driving in Winter Weather: What To Take Care Of

There’s no denying the fact that wintertime driving can prove to be very hazardous for drivers. If you live in a region that receives a lot of adverse weather conditions like snow and ice, then you’ll need to be very mindful of how you’re driving when these conditions happen. By implementing the tips and precautions... read more
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Avoid Auto Accidents During Holiday Season

Holidays are common times for serious and fatal accidents in Texas. If you were the victim of an accident during a holiday, you may be able to collect money for your injuries. An attorney can investigate the details of the accident, work with the insurance company to determine liability and handle all the other hard... read more
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Common Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Car Claim

Getting into a car accident can be one of the most traumatic moments of your life. It may result in severe injuries that are realized right away, or it can cause injuries that take time to show their true severity. It is the latter case that oftentimes results in people making a common mistake that... read more
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What To Do if a UPS or FedEx Truck Hits You

Between February 2020 and February 2022, FedEx drivers were involved in a total of 388 truck accident, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. With UPS drivers, there were 2,850 accidents during the same period. The FMCSA’s “SAFER” program collects accident information from trucking companies and publishes it. Additionally, the organization provides insights into the causes... read more
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Who Covers the Cost of a 18 Wheeler Truck Accident

Taking the highway, interstate, or a toll road is part of the driving experience for just about every person licensed to drive a personal vehicle. Cars routinely operate on all types of roadways together with SUVs, work trucks, vehicles towing trailers, and semi-trucks, as well as a variety of two-wheel transportation modes. Most drivers will... read more
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