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Motorcycle Accidents

In a collision between a vehicle and a motorcycle, the latter always loses. A motorcyclist does not have a protective shell in an accident and can suffer catastrophic injuries. Injured victims in Huntsville may face expensive property damage and debilitating personal injuries after motorcycle accidents. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash in Walker County, contact the lawyers at Haney Paschal & Romoser, P.C. to discuss your case.

Why Choose Us?

With multiple personal injury lawyers in East Texas to choose from as your representation, why choose one of ours?

  • Our motorcycle accident lawyers have more than 30 years of combined experience.
  • Our firm has the resources and power to strongly support your claim.
  • Our firm provides a full scope of legal services, from initial investigation to a personal injury trial.
  • Our lawyers will meet with you at your home or the hospital to discuss your legal issues.

Jack Haney represented clients in Huntsville for more than 40 years before retiring. Today,  Haney Paschal & Romoser, P.C. continues advocating for injured accident victims.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

Most motorcycle accidents cause serious injuries to the motorcyclist. These injuries may include broken bones, severe road rash, or traumatic brain injuries. It can be difficult to obtain fair compensation from an insurance company for serious injuries without a lawyer. Hiring an attorney can force an insurance company to offer a more appropriate amount for your damages. It also gives you the chance to relax and recover from your injuries while your attorney handles legal matters on your behalf.

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents in Texas?

Every year, hundreds of motorcyclists in Texas end up in emergency rooms with injuries from auto accidents. Almost every collision is preventable. Driver negligence and recklessness cause most auto accidents, including those involving vulnerable motorcyclists. Other drivers can cause motorcycle accidents by:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Weaving between lanes
  • Ignoring right-of-way
  • Turning left into oncoming traffic
  • Drowsy driving

Other common hazards motorcyclists face are crossing animals, bad weather, malfunctioning vehicle parts, and dangerous roadways. Hazards such as loose rubble may not pose risks for regular drivers, but they can be deadly for motorcyclists.

Determining Liability

Liability for a Huntsville motorcycle accident will depend on the situation. An attorney will analyze the facts of the case to pinpoint the person or party behind the proximate cause. The proximate cause is the main cause of the collision. A lawyer may revisit the scene of the crash, re-create the accident, gather cellphone records, talk to eyewitnesses, and consult with experts to identify the at-fault party or parties. Liability could go to:

  • A driver. A negligent driver may be liable if he or she drove recklessly, and if this caused the collision.
  • A product manufacturer. If a defective motorcycle part contributed to the crash, the product manufacturer or distributor may be liable.
  • The city. A dangerous roadway is the responsibility of the city of Huntsville. Negligently failing to fix potholes or other hazards could result in liability for a crash.

More than one party can share fault for a motorcycle accident in Texas. If you were partially at fault, do not worry. You could still be eligible for compensation. As long as your lawyer convinces the courts you were less than 51% responsible, you could receive partial recovery. Hiring a lawyer with experience can improve your odds of compensation.

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Motorcycle accidents can be life-changing for victims. If you suffered a serious personal injury or lost a family member in a recent crash, contact our attorneys for a free case consultation. We will meet with you, listen to your story, and let you know if we think you have grounds for a claim. If so, we may help you file your legal documents and prove your case before an insurance company, judge, or jury. Discuss your case with a lawyer today. Call (936) 295-3712.