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Personal Injury Cases Involving Fractures

Suffering any kind of personal injury is difficult for everyone. When bone fractures occur, the injury leads to additional pain, the potential for lost work, and the possibility of surgery. Additionally, fractures often lead to further complications down the line. Fractures refer to the breaking or splintering of a bone and range from minor hairline fractures to severe and multiple fractures.

If you or a loved one recently incurred a fracture due to personal injury, find out if you can pursue damages from the at-fault party. In addition to compensatory settlements for medical expenses, some cases warrant the pursuit of punitive damages, as well as damages related to pain and suffering. A qualified attorney can review your cases to learn how the fracture occurred, who may be at fault, and how to move forward. The personal injury attorneys at Haney Paschal & Romoser, P.C. in Huntsville, Texas have decades of experience in helping victims of personal injury. Contact us today.

Why Choose Haney Paschal & Romoser, P.C. for Your Personal Injury Case

Our compassion, commitment to every case and fierce determination help us to obtain justice in the courtroom. Why choose us as your personal injury firm?

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Types of Common Fractures

Though bones are solid, they can bend, and will eventually break with enough pressure. Seven common types of fractures exist.

  • Stable fractures occur when the broken ends of the bone line up and are barely out of place. These fractures are the least serious and frequently heal without surgical intervention.
  • Open compound fractures often pierce the skin with sharp, jagged bone. The bone may protrude from the wound, but sometimes does not.
  • Oblique fractures have a unique angular break-pattern.
  • Transverse fractures have a horizontal break-pattern.
  • Comminuted fractures occur when bones shatter into three or more pieces.

Surgical Intervention

Cases of severe fractures require surgery. Sometimes, doctors want to operate as quickly as possible, while in other cases they wait to see if the bone heals on its own. Open compound fractures and comminuted fractures warrant surgery most of the time. In the most severe and unfortunate cases, especially comminuted fractures and crushed bones, doctors may opt to amputate. Many surgical advancements provide ways to salvage bones, including bone fusion and the use of screws. However, some fractures are so severe that amputation is the only option.

Physical therapy is, in most cases, required after a major operation. Medical expenses incurred as a result of a fracture add up quickly due to emergency room care, operations, physical therapy, and follow-up visits. If an accident caused the fracture, insurance should reimburse some of these costs. However, the patient will often have to pay out of pocket before being reimbursed.

Legal Help for Fractures From Personal Injury

If you or someone you love has experienced a personal injury as a direct result of someone else’s negligence, contact the Haney Paschal & Romoser, P.C. firm in Huntsville, Texas to pursue all your legal options. You may be eligible for compensation related to compensatory and punitive damages. Contact us for a free personal injury consultation today.