Civil Litigation – Business, Commercial & Land Disputes

If you have a business or land dispute, contact Haney.Moorman.Paschal to help resolve the issue. Whether you are owed money, need help with a dispute with another business or need help resolving land or easement disputes, contact us.

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Last Will & Testament and Probate Matters

If you need a will or trust drafted, contact Haney.Moorman.Paschal. We can help you make sure that your assets are distributed the way you choose after your death, making it easier on your loved ones. If a family member has died and you need someone to probate the will, we will make the process is as easy as possible and will help you through this difficult time.

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Personal Injury & Accidents

If you have been injured in an accident, Haney.Moorman.Paschal can help you to get the compensation you deserve. We will walk you through the claim process and deal with the insurance companies as well as the responsible party. We will guide you through the litigation process and are always prepared to try the case to a judge or jury if the responsible party is not willing to settle.

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Family Law

Haney.Moorman.Paschal knows that a divorce is a trying time and they will be there for you to aid you during the process. Whether the divorce is contested or amicable, we can help make sure that you are receiving what you are entitled by hiring attorneys that will fight for you. If you need help with custody disputes, you can trust Haney.Moorman.Paschal to protect your rights.

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Transactional Work

Haney.Moorman.Paschal can help you draft legal documents to protect your business and your assets. Whether you need a company formed, a lease drafted, mortgage paperwork, or any other legal documents drafted, contact us today.

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Hunstville TX Mediation Attorney


If you need help resolving a dispute, contact Haney.Moorman.Paschal for mediation. We offer mediation services and serve as a neutral party that can try to work toward resolution of the dispute or lawsuit. David Moorman is a certified mediator.

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Criminal Law

If you have tickets or other criminal issues, contact Haney.Moorman.Paschal for legal consultation.

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