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Adrian Peterson – Legal Issues in Montgomery County, Texas

In the latest news on Adrian Peterson’s legal issues in Montgomery County, Texas, a judge denied the prosecution’s request to remove Montgomery County District Court Judge Kelly Case.  The prosecution argued that Judge Case was biased against prosecutors.  Judge Jeff Walker (the judge assigned to hear the recusal arguments) stated that the prosecution had not met the high standards required for recusing a judge.  Therefore, Judge Case will hear Adrian Peterson’s case.

Adrian Peterson, the NFL star running back, was indicted last month on a felony charge of injury to a child for using a wooden switch to discipline his 4-year-old son earlier this year.  Peterson faces up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine, if he is convicted.

The prosecution argued that Judge Case is biased because he allegedly called the lead attorneys in the Peterson case “media whores” and because Judge Case allegedly had previously been represented by a member of Adrian Peterson’s legal team.  Despite the prosecution’s arguments, Judge Walker denied the request to remove Judge Case.  The trial of this matter is tentatively set for December 1, 2014.

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